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!! OMG, how REXciting: 'Pure Breeds - The Cornish Rex' !!

If you want a cat that has fierce skinny catwalk readiness, will punch other cats without a doubt and is that cat at the party that will be up on the bar tongue-lapping drinks and dancing with Miley, then the Cornish Rex is totes for you by-the-way.

In episode 2 of Graydon Sheppard's 'Pure Breeds' you are getting all of the above, plus the sexcapade origins of this high-fashion cat-cessory du jour.

Nowness nabbed a rexclusive Q&A with Sheppard, where he discusses the issues around a cat-centric basement rave scene, getting scratched by her and 'deluxe' dog gorging.

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
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