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!! OMG, inebriation urination situation: Nick Offerman in FIDLAR’s ‘Cocaine’ !!

If you’re into drunken hairy-Marys with a touch of the bear-ese and suckling down at the golden watering hole then [first off wash your pissy paws before you touch that mouse and then] click below to see ‘Parks and Rec’‘s Nick Offerman -in LA punk outfit FIDLAR‘s new video- doing the NSFW inebriation urination situation and GOLDEN OFFER-ing his leaky meat all over LALAland.
…erm, Nick, I heard there’s a really snazzy line of crisp slacks you can wear for your leaky tap, they come in A RANGE OF BEIGES and don’t say “incontinence” on the label or anything, yet have a disposable lining that just mops that yellow puddle-pile right up !

[via stereogum]

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    @Bobby: [shaking my head in disbelief]

    It’s a fake. First off it doesn’t look real at all and secondly I saw it when he was on the show Deadwood years ago and he’s a lot bigger than that.

    Since this was on “Funny or Die,” I’m assuming he’s dead now.

    Honestly, I sometimes cannot interpret what it is your saying in your commentary.

    Is that his dick or a prosthetic?

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