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!! OMG, INFORMAL T SERVICE: T. Williams’ “On MY Own” [ft. TALA] !!

OMG, what is that effect on her voice, it’s like the alien army setting on her primary colored Fisher Price megaphone. This song makes me want to do a informal version of the Russian kick squat dance and just bounce off the walls, kicking and bouncing, and bouncing and kicking, wearing only a DUSTY-ROSE CRUSHED-VELVET SPAGHETTI-STRAP CROP-TOP, because -you know- you can’t be too formal when a song like this comes on.
Via PMR records [carers of Miss Jessie Ware], grime and bass background producer T. Williams hands TALA the plastic megaphone for single “On My Own”, from his EP Feelings Within [also featuring housey tracks “Smile” and “Mobb”]

T.Williams is touring with Disclosure this fall, following his EP launch in August.
[this tracksicle was brought to you by “that girl you like” Produzentin, thanks Auntie Prod]

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