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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, UPDATE: more Warwick Rowing Club 2014 photos !!

Just last week we posted photos from Warwick Rowing Club’s 2014 calender shoot.
My banana boat had barely stopped leaking and already more photos have surfaced of those buoyant Brit boys.
Follow the jump to see those NSFW newly released leaky banana boat botties…

[via accidentalbear]

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    If you can’t see the dick it just ain’t worth it.

    Les Dieux du Stade did it better.

    Get on your knees & suck a lil dick or something!

    The making of the 2013 calendar is great (I don’t think I had the bonus footage). I highly recommend. Unlike the making of the 2012, they stopped the pixelating, so if the guy wasn’t covering, you get to see. From the comments, it’s unclear if they shower together after the matches; I assume so, but they still talked about it being a big deal the first time they take off their clothes. You pretty much see everyone at one point or another in the making of the 2013 (many fewer freeze frame glimpses in the 2012 video), and some bother less to cover (one guy running knowingly abandons cupping).

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