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!! OMG, ADVENTCOUTURE TIME: Todd Cole & Rodarte's 'This Must Be The Only Fantasy' !!

Soundtracked by the evocative noise of Beach House, Todd Cole's Fashion short for the Rodarte sisterhood follows Sidney Williams as a questing princess who seeks the dungeon-bound Elijah Wood.

With the help of her very own fairy godmother and a unicorn that she finds in a backyard sandpit Sidney fends off a hooded Darth Maul and 'two hood-rats one cup' as she ventures on a real-life D&D quest for jewelry and bespoke dresses.

One also for fantasizing, I'm now off to glue half a sweetcorn kernel to my ALBINO GOLDFISH's head and knight him LORD TUNA-CORN THE UNICORN, then ride him about the paddling pool wielding my Rampant Rabbit vibrating rubber sword in the hopes that some such fashion siblings will dress me up in expensive leathery armour and silken princess gowns too !
Hey Olsen Twins, got any scraps for a poor pauper princess with TIGHT PURSE STRINGS and an UNSIGHTLY CLUBFOOT ?!

[via GvB]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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