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!! OMG, gossip: Simon Rex is back to showing off his junk poolside !!

Simon Rex and other C-list stars feature their packages to hawk mascara [towleroad]

"This is no longer my body." Jennifer Love Hewitt gives us some profound Friday pregnancy soundbites [celebitchy]

Did Pharrell tie the knot? [all hip hop]

...because One Direction's Zayn DID! Sorry ladies! [tabloid prodigy]

Mel C is back with a new duet and video [popbytes]

The story of Cinderella as told through Beyonce songs. Michelle is so Drizella! [joemygod]

Larger-than-life John Waters star, Jean Hill passes away [boy culture]

Zac Efron dons cutoff jean shorts [socialite life]

"If he can choose between sleeping with Zac Efron and Betty White, he's going to choose Betty White" - Nick Gruber's ex-sugar daddy on Nick Gruber [queerty]

Amelie hits Broadway! That's cuter than a baby in giant sunglasses! [ohlala]

Somebody find a nice cheese to pair with Chris Brown's whine! [dlisted]

Anderson Cooper & Jennifer Paige's "Crush". What more could you ask for? [kenneth]

Handyman tricks [double viking]

Golum's lookin' well fit [evil beet]

OMG, gossip: John Waters reunites with Johnny Depp in a cemetery
OMG gossip: Matt Damon is politically engaged
OMG gossip: What you lookin' at, Dave Franco?
OMG, gossip: Jennifer Lawrence pops her collar for DIOR Handbags
OMG gossip: Josh Hutcherson gets sexty

» posted by Igor on Friday, August 23, 2013
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