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!! OMG, gossip: HIGH, Lady! Lena Dunham pops her acting, writing, and directing pills !!

"I take a tiny bit of Lexapro [an antidepressant] and I keep Klonopin [an anti anxiety medication] in my purse just in case." - Lena Dunham graces Marie Claire [celebitchy]

No longer ratchet: Justin Timberlake and Kanye West bury their hatchet [all hip hop]

Schnapp out of it! Cher's new album cover is giving me Carrie Underwood, but without any retouching or a stitch of makeup on [towleroad]

Robin Thicke's hand has got Growing Pains [socialite life]

'Hilary Clinton's Steamy Romps'. -- I think I may need to take a cold shower! [boy culture]

Adam Levine is channelling Alan Cumming in his undies. Oh, the difference a comma makes! [dlisted]

Welcome to the jungle! Josh Duhamel and Fergie name their baby [evil beet]

Another goat has been sacrificed. Kris Jenner's show remains un-cancelled [popbytes]

In "Surprisingly-Not-From-The-Onion" kind of news: Bill O'Reilly apologizes for something [joemygod]

In "UM" kind of news: BSB's AJ McLean is a proud "Fag Hag" in heels [queerty]

Terrified Japanese Tyranny-saurus-nuss! [tabloid prodigy]

50 ways to crack a brew, eh buddy [double viking]

Some beef for your weekend BBQ. Crack another one, bud! [ohlala]

Did Walter Peck from Ghostbusters convert from Gay to Straight? [kenneth]

OMG, gossip: Anna Wintour wants Lena Dunham on the cover of Vogue
OMG, gossip: Melissa McCarthy covers Elle Mag, and people make a stink
OMG gossip: Josh Hutcherson gets sexty
OMG gossip: Matt Damon is politically engaged
OMG, gossip: Joseph Gorden-Levitt covers 'OUT Magazine'

» posted by Igor on Friday, August 30, 2013
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