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!! OMG gossip: Matt Damon is politically engaged !!


Matt Damon takes President Obama to task [celebitchy]

When LiLo met Shaq [dlisted]

Russia will do anything to keep the Olympics [towleroad]

OMG, it's finally happened: Dumpster apartment in Brooklyn [kenneth]

Wet underwear is the best way to cool off on a hot summer day [oh la la]

Create your own One Direction sexcapades [queerty]

OMG, who is Justin Bieber kissing? [popbytes]

T-shirts look better when paired with tiny underwear [socialite life]

OMG, it's coming: Hunger Games 2 [joe]

Ebony Magazine mocks the Tea Party on Twitter [boy culture]

Did Chris Brown have a seizure? [all hip hop]

OMG, extreme bicycle ramp into the lake! [double viking]

Some new guy is claiming to be the father of a Kardashian baby [evil beet]

OMG, gossip: Someone call Matt Damon, I demand a sequel! Liberace's ex-lover is jailed for meth
OMG gossip: Josh Hutcherson gets sexty
OMG gossip: Gay movie = gay fling?
OMG gossip: When celebrity dating gets dark
OMG, gossip: The "Best & Worst Dressed" of The Emmys

» posted by Frank on Friday, August 9, 2013
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