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!! OMG, guts for garters: 'Dumb' by Brooke Candy [NSFW] !!

I had to title this "OMG...'Dumb' by Brooke Candy", instead of "OMG...Brooke Candy's 'Dumb'"...because quite honestly you'd have to be all kinds of dumbo to even accidentally throw title shade at Miss Candy, she'd have your guts for garters...literally !

Proving that you actually can combine a ganja-camo swimsuit with Gabrielle baby girl wet-look curls, a Tank Girl bomber and beret and a militant CLIP-ON NECK TIE, Brooke Candy gives a video tutorial on how best to clean your chrome decorative maypole with a good old shammy leather and some leftover hair spray.

How she stole my bedtime look of 3 foot tall foamy wedges and black rainbow nightshirt with triple-lacquered acrylic nails I can't tell...I would be suing for stealing my look had she only also paired it with a DO-RAG AND ADULT DIAPER, now that's MY 100% sleepytime head-to-toe look !

Rumor has it
she's on Kylie's next single ! That's so not dumb though !

[via WAPS]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, August 5, 2013
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