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!! OMG, Oh M Girls ?!: Why does somebody not know how to flush a toilet after thev had a shaet ? !!

This little gir-l, let’s call her Agent Orange [obv, because I mean she is literally glowing orange from the low quality web cam], well she is my neon-orange beacon when times get hard, the light at the end of my tunnel so to speak.
Now Agent Orange comes with a mini version, same face, same hair, same glow of joy and hope and life…the looks on her wee sister’s face whilst she’s introducing her version of something that sounds like -well whatever she says there- and when she says “O” her sister-act’s face basically personifies this “o” sound…open mouth, open nostrils, open heart…CUE OPEN DOOR; take it away mom !
Barging in like an unexpected ravaging storm midst the shining sunlight of the double-sun dawn-break old momsy thunders ashore to ask the age-old NSFW existential question which has plagued philosophers for eternal-eons;

“Why does somebody not know how to flush a toilet after thev had a shaet ?”

…and right there and then, with that final fork-lightning thunder crack of “DERSGASTARNG” both of their hopes and dreams of pop-stardom come crashing down like a pile of “shaet”…and mine for them also…COMPLETELY “SHAETED” DREAMS !
[Thanks Ken Park !]

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    Really sad how some children are spoken too by dim bullying parents. They don’t have much chance in this world being bought up like that, this family should be looked into further.

    Hilarious! White trailer trash at it’s best!

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