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!! OMG, petal to the precious metal: Yadi's 'Creatures' !!

In a video that sees her aligning her flower chakra donned in golden Sharpie paint-pen nails and blooming bouquet hoops, London singer Yadi releases "Creatures".

Yadi's granny apparently belly~dances to her pop music which has it's roots in her Algerian upbringing.

Is it an Algerian pastime to poop flowers, because essentially we're looking at the floral episode of hoarders here, no please don't pick up that GOLD PAINTED NEWSPAPER HILLOCK, there's likely a pile of flower filled adult diapers under there...?!

Follow the jump to see a special string accompanied version of "Creatures" plus the Joe Goddard [a la Hot Chip] remix of her previous single "The Blow".

[via discobelle]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, August 27, 2013
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