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!! OMG, PHILLY CHEESY: Cloud Boat cover 'Streets of Philadelphia' !!

"I'm on Fire", "State Trooper" and "Streets of Philli" are all Sprinsteen songs that make me shed a tear...any of that other jock-rock he made makes me shed hair as I attempt to pull my eyelashes out before I hear any more fist-punching crotchy double-denim stadium anthems.

Cloud Boat thankfully selected the later of these three gems to cover in a video for Wonderland that looks like lost soundcheck footage from a 25-years-back stadium tour.

2 bearded guys getting musically intimate, one with dinosaur guitar stickers and the other wielding an avocado shaker ?! I'll be your stadium tour perm-headed denim clad groupie gal please.

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Now where will I watch my football?
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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, August 19, 2013
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