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!! OMG, RAISING THE ROOF: The New World of Lina Bo Bardi !!

Created by 
Architect Ouida Angelica Biddle
, Artist Nicolau Vergueiro and 
animated by Joao Rosa The New World of Lina Bo Bardi illustrates excerpts from late Italian/Brazilian Architect and Architectural Theorist Lina Bo Bardi's Bela Criança ahead of a MoMA retrospective, supposedly in the works.
Described by the creators as a "commercial for the brain of Lina Bo Bardi" the video -beginning with a walking double-bum creature that EATS AND SHATS FARTITECTURE- illustrates cross-design-disciplinary Bo Bardi's personification of Brazilian architecture as a child in need of nurturing and her aversion to cliché, routine and that misogynistic modernism that "[demoralizes] the spirit of new architecture."

"She was unafraid to be childlike and vulgar, yet also unafraid to lead with boldness in a foreign country. Her work transcends institutional permission and speaks right to a space of fantasy." __video creators Ouida Angelica Biddle & Nicolau Vergueiro.

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Thursday, August 22, 2013
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