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!! OMG, SO SIOUX HER: Woman clog dances to Siouxsie & the Banshees !!

I've never wanted to tap that more, in an oversized neon luminous velour bikini top, super-boot-cut sweats and a pair of shiny white tappers.

Where is she, is that a trailer park, is she on a shooting range, did all the ponies die? Why didn't they put this wonderment on stage at the VMAs instead of Miley and her teddy twerkers?

She's giving me all kinds of BRITNEY LONG MID-RIFT LOW-RISER FLARE-PANT GLAMOR with tinges of "put a crow-bird on it" Siouxsie goth head piece.

My favourite part you ask?...well that would have to be at 1.16 when she bails on her clog skills to do her witchy come-hither hands and DRUNK MOM SWAY CLICKS closely followed by a simple do-si-do concentric circles never looked so gothique...and btw, that exit strategy of the blown kisses and kicks-to-exit, I'm appropriating this for all room exits from now on.

"This is Bollywood inspired. Though I added some belly dance in it, I'm a not really a belly dancer! Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy!"

...oh princess perfect, we do enjoy...very much so !

[via arbroath]

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Britney Spears should retire

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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we love raj kapoor :)

» posted by Radiant Tercüme | August 28, 2013 12:19 PM

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