!! OMG, SUN~STROKE: Alexander Skarsgård’s FF !!

OK, so we’ve seen his dungeon bum before and we’ve seen him slathering on the TRESemmé shampoo suds [looking all “professional & affordable”] and now, in the 6th season -geez it took long enough, I think I stopped watching about 18 seasons ago- of True Bored True Blood we get to see Vampire Eric reading !
Jump below where you can see Alex getting sunstroke and his NSFW sunny strokeable penile page marker…oh hon, I would piss right on that if I saw it was busting out ALL BEACH-BRÛLÉE !

[via BOM, Thanks J!]

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7 Comments on "OMG, SUN~STROKE: Alexander Skarsgård’s FF"

  1. It’s true what they say about white guys.

  2. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!! I’d slob on that knob like corn on the cob! My only critique is I wish he had a little bit of pubes. Not a full bush but def not prepubescent-like as it is. It’s time this shave off all the pubs trend goes the way of the dinos!

  3. Totally agree w/ Jakeoff …. It’s just so cool when a mainstream GUY isn’t afraid to get naked … Women do it all the time … Hell if I look like some of these guys my ass would be out all the time … If they did it more it wouldn’t be such a big deal … Kuddos Mr. Skarsgard and all the Sexy Boys @ Trueblood …. Much Love

  4. When he actually got up out of the chair and showed us his peen I screamed. It’s perfect. Even better than I had fantasized

  5. Not the best view with him hunched over and soft and on fire, but I always appreciate when a mainstream actor shares a view with the audience, and that wasn’t a quick one-frame peek either. Certainly looks doable too.

  6. He is fucking beautiful. I would love to suck his cock.

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