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!! OMG, the daze of summer: Still Corners' new "Fireflies" Video !!

Last year, Still Corners released one of my favourite blown-out, sun drenched tracks with their song "Into The Trees". This week, band members Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes have released their new album Strange Pleasures on SubPop, along with a video for their single "Fireflies". (Trust me, it isn't anything like that other terribly twee song you may have heard by the same name!)

The video was directed by Christian Sorensen Hansen and the band says the album was inspired by film soundtracks from the 80's such as The Breakfast Club and music from the Michael Mann thriller Manhunter.

Check out the video above, and Strange Pleasures is out now on SubPop via itunes!

[via vogue]

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» posted by Igor on Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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