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!! OMG, What the F*shion? EDGISODE 2: 'Edgy F*shion Is A Thing' !!

So let's review Casey Jane Ellison's TAARP TAAPS on how to look "eggy":

1) Putting fingers up; this can be pinky and index, or middle and index, it has to be index, it can only be two [as long as it's not thumb and index, this would be super 'loser-sign' which is so very out-of-fashion, it's basically the finger version of saying "whaaazaaaap".

2) A lip color that looks like you drank the Kool Aid or sucked on a Chupa-Chups, or you just dorrrrn't carrrrrrr !

3) Over accessorizing; mainly spike-studs, just shite-loads of them, you can never have enough, and the best pairing is spike-studs with spike studs with SNARL-FACE and spike studs...feel free to overdo this one, because spike studs are IN NO WAY the cliché appliqué that anyone who is not edgy wears to give the impression they are definitely not edgy or punk or alternative or dirty and rough but whatever.

4) Lastly..."haaarts", this -btw- is "hats" for lazy gaarls who can barely be bothered finishing their words, pronouncing consonants, let alone finishing whole sentences.

...and remember, the most edgy thing you can do is like spend VENTI-LOADS OF CAARSH just not even bothering...right ?! Nonchalance is the new punk !!

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
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