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!! OMG, a women of few words: Paris Hilton teases new single & video "Good Time feat. Lil Wayne" !!

The most prolific American poet of our time has returned!

Paris Hilton has just released a teaser for a video, which will accompany a new set of her poems (set to music), -- one of which features rapper, Lil Wayne!

My question is: How much sizzurp does one have to consume to get coaxed into entering the studio with Paris Hilton? Though, who are we kidding! Paris' vocal was just recorded off the answering machine at Wayne's studio, and they've adjusted that accordingly. Easy peazy!

Are you looking forward to Paris' new single? Is Paris the new queen of America's EDM scene? What do you think happens to that song after the teaser ends?

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» posted by Igor on Thursday, September 26, 2013
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