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!! OMG, free documentary: Matt Wolf’s “I Remember” on writer/artist Joe Brainard !!

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Last year, New York-based filmmaker Matt Wolf made a beautiful documentary about American artist, and New York School writer, Joe Brainard.
I REMEMBER‘ is based on Brainard’s memoirs and you can stream it for free this week over on Mousse Magazine’s VDROME. (There’s also an interview with Matt about the film.) Some more info from VDROME:

I Remember is a kind of biography of the New York School writer and artist Joe Brainard, who died of Aids in 1994 at the age of 53. I say kind of because it’s also a visualization or vivification of his wonderful book I Remember, which is in itself a difficult to categorize work – an autobiography, let’s say, by way of intensely sensual fragments of memory.
Using found footage and archival audio and visual materials to construct his narrative Matt Wolf creates a memento-like reenactment of Joe Brainard’s poem “I Remember”. Composed by an ongoing flux of recollections and images, the film maintains the fast cadency of the Brainard’s text while weaving a touching biographical account of the American artist and writer.

Have a look by clicking HERE!

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