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!! OMG, gossip: Female punk icons, have a seat! Miley Cyrus covers Rolling Stone !!

Female punk icons need to make some room for Miley Cyrus' naked ass on the cover of the Rolling Stone [dlisted]

Anderson Cooper's stalker get's a 0.0 from the law, but an 8.5 on his look from Pitchfork! You win some, you lose some! [kenneth]

Meanwhile, Amanda Bynes is a little too kooky in the noggin for the courts [evil beet]

Leah Remini is about to tap dance all over Scientology's face! [celebitchy]

Daniel Radcliffe as Freddy Mercury? [towleroad]

Dane DeHaan fell for Daniel Radcliffe while shooting [queerty]

Joseph Gorden-Levitt lipsyncs for his life on Fallon [joemygod]

The 3 most beautiful words in the English language: TRINA PREGNANCY RUMOURS! [all hip hop]

Gaga continues to spread her strong message of "hating drama" by drumming up a hot vat of it. This time, with Adam Levine [popbytes]

Cher's new tour flyer [boy culture]

Andy Cohen LOVES him sum Hellman's mayonaise! [socialite life]

A shirtless ginger rolling around on a tennis court. Happy hump day! [ohlala]

Gluttony around the globe! [double viking]

OMG, gossip: SCHNAPP OUT OF IT! Cher has some sage advice for Miley Cyrus
OMG, gossip: Alexander Skarsgard as a drunken cheerleader
OMG, gossip: Benedict Cumberbatch promotes The Fifth Estate at TIFF
OMG, gossip: Jennifer Lawrence pops her collar for DIOR Handbags
OMG, gossip: Dominic Cooper to play Freddy Mercury in new biopic?

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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Someone needs to tell that skank to stop sticking out her tongue. What a vulgar and tacky young woman.

» posted by Caleb | September 25, 2013 12:29 PM

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