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!! OMG, gossip: Someone call Matt Damon, I demand a sequel! Liberace's ex-lover is jailed for meth !!

And bring Rob Lowe in prosthetics back too. That was fun. [boy culture]

Courtney Stodden lookin' well-fresh in London m8! [dlisted]

Russia robs it's country of a Selena Gomez concert amongst fears she might vocally support the gays. How dare! [celebitchy]

AHS: Coven releases some macabre new posters [popbytes]

Conservative Evangelical Christian parents share their inspiring change of heart about their gay kids [joemygod]

Awful. Openly gay filmmaker, John Greyson imprisoned without cause in Egypt begins hunger strike [queerty]

You do not want to pull the drama card with Tim Gunn! She will read you ta filth [socialite life]

Vitamin Deficiency! Coca-Cola serves up some unappreciated sass under their Vitamin Water caps [kenneth]

That racist Big Brother chick found out her ass got fired once she returned home [towleroad]

Table of 8 plus Kate! Jon Gosselin is waiting tables. Good for him! [evil beet]

"Will The Po-Po Set A Trap For Lil Boosie?" (I have no idea what that means, but it's super fun to say out loud) [all hip hop]

Shirtless, twin Teen Wolves [ohlala]

Facebook f*ckery [double viking]

OMG gossip: Matt Damon is politically engaged
OMG, gossip: The "Best & Worst Dressed" of The Emmys
OMG, gossip: A shirtless Alexander Skarsgard works a Hansel wig in new Cut Copy video
OMG gossip: Our favorite red carpet moment ever
OMG gossip: Gay movie = gay fling?

» posted by Igor on Friday, September 20, 2013
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