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!! OMG, he’s naked: Model George Tarrant !!

UK fashion model, George Tarrant is known for showcasing clothes in fashion editorials, but here he is letting us know he can showcase a nice piece, even without anything on. Check him out after the (NSFW) jump:

[via famousskin]

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    One of those two nude pictures must be fake. The penisses look way too different: he has short foreskin in the last shot and his penis “leans” to the left.

    My jaw’s literally dropped soon as that low hangin foreskinned stunner came up on my computer screen. Just perfection I’m assuming it grows way bigger than that too damn

    No shaving or cutting required for me. He’s good to go.
    If that little bit of fuzz is too masculine for you, go find a lizard. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait for this!

    first, why does he need to trim? If he wants to have hair, let him. And why do you, Shannon feel the need to make fun of his body? Childish.

    Shannon…you are an idiot. This is the way a real man is supposed to look. Why this country is so obsessed with circumsision is beyond me. So you can tell by looking at him that he stinks. I assume the name Shannon is female? Nothing smells worse than a vagina, so keep yours closed; it probably stinks worse!

    he needs to trim that bush!

    BEAUTIFUL. Perfect body.

    Sweet. I’ll slide that skin up and down and bury myself in that bush.

    Fucking nice!! More of this please 🙂


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