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!! OMG, she ain’t here for that: Krissy Chula has some choice words for Miley Cyrus !!

SHIET! I’ve been a huge fan of Krissy Chula ever since she came on the scene with her “It’s Hot as Hell” rant. It had me in stitches and really summed up how I felt during this summer’s brutal heatwave.
Krissy has an honest way with words, and she just posted an inspiring monologue and message for Miley Cyrus post her VMAS “twerk” performance. Everybody seems to be properly sick of Miley, and Krissy is no exception. Have a look at her passionate video response above.

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    “You wanna go to Harlem and twerk on some random black guy…enjoy yourself”
    “You wanna hang out with black people, I understand, we’re the shit”
    “Child I have never seen so much struggle since the´╗┐ Civil Rights Movement!” *snort*!
    I absolutely *adore* this woman!! LMAO

    “this is not working for me or any other black person, ever”
    LOL yes! so much this. this whole video was spot on, i hope someone shows it to her. like, there’s no need to be mean but girl no. this is not it.

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