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!! OMG, she wasn’t expecting that kind of an answer: A Pastor asks a Politician why he supports Gay Marriage !!

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 2.57.51 PM.png
Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd, a devout Christian, was approached by a pastor this week and told he was losing his Christian vote due to his positive stance on gay marriage. When pressed as to why his views on gay marriage had changed, Kevin had an answer that left the pastor squirming! Check out his response after the JUMP:

[via upworthy]

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    Anyone supporting homosexual marriage has a reprobate mind. Anyone professing to be a Christian while supporting sin of any kind is an anti-Christ and blasphemer.

    oh dear. . .i think we might have to stop using tht man’s name -even as a reference. why? because when i read ur comment, even tho he’s lone gone, i had a flash-back (and not the good kind). lol but gotta luv that PM

    Wow! That Prime Minister destroyed him! Good for him.

    Unfortunately he won’t be the PM for too much longer. Election day is tomorrow, and us lefties are bracing ourselves for a three year Bush-style government.

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