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!! OMG, what in Siegfried & Roy hell?: Lil Kim drops new album art for ‘Hard Core 2K13’ !!

I love Lil’ Kim, I really do. I’ve been a fan of her’s since I was a teenager, and I want her to do good things. I’ve followed her through her transformation from Queen Bee into the fierce, tightly-pulled Tigress that she is today — but I just can’t with her new album art for her upcoming release, Hard Core 2K13. Someone call Tabatha and have her Take Over, because this is low-rent.
I respect that Kim probably took a weekend Photoshop course at her local community college, put her hair up, threw on her glasses, and spent all weekend on her PC throwing this together, — but it’s just not ready to go to print. It’s not. I love the Ciroc placement though. Adds a touch of class.
Anyhow, apparently Hardcore 2K13 drops close to Halloween. Hopefully it’s not too hung up on Nicki Minaj, and Kim goes back to her roots rapping all about her many conquests. That’s the Kim we know and love.

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