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!! OMG, fix yo weave: Hot male hair looks meet Louis Vuitton for Document Fall/Winter 2013 !!

The last time I had a weave track glued in, I got burnt to shit! I swore I’d never go back, yet here I am, faced with the pressure to conform to Document‘s Fall/Winter 2013 editorial.
Inspired by Brit Brit and built for life, photographer Greg Harris shot models Abiah Hostvedt, Dylan Rivers, Jacob Scott, Jeremy Matos and Miles Langford showing off this winter’s hottest new hair trends for men while throwing on some old rags (apparently Louis Vuitton stylist James Valeri had laying around).
Which new hair trend will you be latching onto? Check out the rest after the jump:

[via fuckingyoung]

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    Are these men or women I’ve seen some of these same haircuts on Liza Minnelli and Shirley McClain and the first one I’m sure I’ve seen on more then one crack ho walking the streets

    Where have all the straight men gone?

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