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!! OMG, got a minute to scare?: David Lynch’s 45 second film !!

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Back in 1995, 41 filmmakers were given the opportunity to use the very first motion picture camera ever — the Lumière brothers’ cinématographe, to shoot a short film of their very own. One of those chosen filmmakers was David Lynch.
Lynch was given one, 52 second roll of film to shoot whatever he wanted, and after the jump you can check out what he came up with. A bit about the film via openculture:

Taking place in vaguely but sinisterly askew small-town midcentury America — a realm now more closely associated with Lynch than anybody — the film drops into and out of a brief fugue of pure biomechanical grotesquerie. Some of the eerie dream-state quality comes from the incongruously ancient look and feel of cinématographe footage. Much more comes from the sound design, which lays the music of a warped classic film score on top of the noise of aging machinery. Critics note Lynch’s way with striking images you couldn’t forget if you wanted to, but I suspect his use of sound does just as much to lodge his movies permanently into our cinematic consciousness.

Put a minute aside and have a look after the jump. (It’s NSFW cuz of about a second of brief va-jay-jay.)




    Don’t you mean 1895?

    how great that they had the rare opportunity to use such an out of production technology!

    @Bob You think David Lynch was alive in 1895? The article means that in 1995 they took the old camera out and let some modern filmmakers use it.

    Eko….looks like I did not get what the article was saying. Thanks for pointing that out.

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