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!! OMG, the kine-ness of strangers!: Seattle thrift shop finds 2.5 pounds of weed in their donation bin !!


Grab the tissues, because in you-donated-that-shit-to-the-wrong-people-oh-god-why-couldn't-it-have-been-me-instead kind of news: A thrift shop in North Seattle discovered 2.5 pound of marijuana in their donation bin last week! YUP!

The uptight bitches who work over at the store say that even though pot is now legal in Washington state, that they will not being sharing the wealth and are unable to sell the weed in cute, little vintage backpacks.

Really! How dare they... there are people out there in need! No word yet on whether or not the bag was actually 10 pounds at the time of it's discovery...

[via Komonews]

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» posted by Igor on Monday, October 21, 2013
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