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!! OMG, when your worst publicity is your own PR people: PR girl caught being a b*tch on the red carpet !!

When your worst publicity is your own PR people — it’s time to part ways!
ID PR‘s Bryna Rifkin decided to unleash the holier-than-thou vibes on a reporter who was requesting an interview with actress Marion Cotillard on the red carpet at TIFF this past month. She forgot one key PR rule — always be nice to the press!
What would Kelly Cutrone say?! Check out the video after the jump:

[via nycprowler.com]

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    In many cases, especially when it comes to celebrities, it is the PR person’s or representatives job to appear as the “bad guy.”
    Behind the scenes, this PR person likely had one job. Make sure I make it on time to my premier no matter what.

    The reporter is out of line, and the camera person is a creep. The actress has the right to be on time for her Premiere, and the PR Professional, has the right not to be bullied.

    Unfortunately PR people are hired to be douchebags, this one just happened to be caught being one on camera.

    That reporter should have bitch-slapped her back to 1749!

    What a cunt!

    The PR rep wasn’t that bad. Reporters can be a-holes too.

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