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!! OMG, white on white, translucent glass pipes: Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy pleads guilty to meth posession in hit-and-run, faces 3 years probation !!

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Stigmata Martyr” are totes our jams round this time of year, and it makes us sad to think that former Bauhaus frontman, Peter Murphy has been “f*ckin’ with that Tina,” so-to-speak!
Murphy was caught after a hit-and-run on Saturday in Glendale, Calif. when he hit a Mercedes in his car and then fled the scene. When the cops finally caught him he either had props from a Breaking Bad set sale, or he had meth pipes on his person for real. After a hearing on Monday, he was sentenced to 3 years probation.
You know, Peter really should have known better! He should have followed Sky Ferreira‘s golden rules for getting arrested which are:

  1. Don’t flee the scene
  2. Opt for a designer substance
  3. Only rub on Saint Laurent models
  4. Pout at all times

Are you bummed that Peter won’t be joining Bauhaus on tour next month when they celebrate the 35th anniversary of the band? Will you be lighting a candle for Peter this Halloween?
[via slicingupeyeballs]

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