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!! OMG, ya wanna boob-Gotti?: Britney’s new “Work Bitch” video !!

Brit Brit‘s new video for “Work Bitch” debuted this evening on the CW.
The video really blurs the lines between the Spice Girls“Say You’ll Be There” video, the dark room at Berghain (sponsored by Beats by Dre of course), and a “fancy hotel room in Paris, FRANCE ya’ll! — don’t get it twisted — that’s in Yerrup”.
Brit Brit says that on this album we will see a more adult version of her. By “more adult”, does she that mean she’ll be using less of a tiny baby voice on tour? I hope not. Maybe she’ll just wear shoes when using gas station restrooms this time around? What do you think of the new Britney vid? Is it fierce?




    Bitch did work!!! FLAWLESS! :)

    I prefer RuPaul’s Supermodel (You Better Work). And on video, his performance on the first Arsenio Hall Show.

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