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!! OMG, gossip: Sacha Baron Cohen pranks 'The 2013 Britannia Awards' !!

Sacha Baron Cohen pranks the 2013 Britannia Awards [towleroad]

In PARDON ME and SEXCUSE ME kind of news: "Obama was a coked-up hustler who had sex with old privileged white men for drugs" [queerty]

The First Wives Club (of Scientology): Are Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes new besties? [evil beet]

The Amazon reviews of Kate Gosselin's cookbook are pure gold [dlisted]

David Beckham gets rugged and acts all butch for Peter Lindbergh [ohlala]

Ronan Farrow aka YUNG SINATRA aka ROSEMARY'S BAY BAY swings both ways for all you nosey bitches out there who were wondering [celebitchy]

DISH! Tell us everything. Solange talks about her new album [popbytes]

"Money, money, money! Gimme, gimme, gimme!" An ABBA reunion? [joemygod]

Miley is fully committing to the trashy stripper vibes and I don't have an issue with that! (Seen here in a Biggie/Tupac t-shirt dress) [socialite life]

Robbie Rogers looks smexy for OUT Mag's 100 [boy culture]

Oh dear. Jail may not be a cute look for this pretty mug [kenneth]

How to get rid of that cock-blocking bestfriend when you're poppin' bottles in the club this weekend [double viking]

OMG, gossip: Miley covers up, looks cute in vintage Gaultier
OMG, gossip: Female punk icons, have a seat! Miley Cyrus covers Rolling Stone
OMG, gossip: OH MY GOTH! Carrie's Chloe Grace Moretz covers Dazed & Confused
OMG, gossip: SCHNAPP OUT OF IT! Cher has some sage advice for Miley Cyrus
OMG, gossip: The "Best & Worst Dressed" of The Emmys

» posted by Igor on Monday, November 11, 2013
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