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!! OMG, gossip: Eminem defends his gay slurs !!


Eminem is like, the pioneer of gay slurs, so chill [celebitchy]

Screw that dead-weight! Courtney Stodden HAS ARRIVED! [popbytes]

Ricky Martin loves him a morning selfie [boy culture]

Congratulations Illinois on your passing of same-sex marriage bill! [joemygod]

Tilda is honoured at MoMA [socialite life]

Lions giving out free hugs [kenneth]

Lance Bass' directorial debut [queerty]

He kicked my dog!: Denise Richards has had enough of Charlie Sheen's brat kids [evil beet]

Bronx teen suspended for being gay at Catholic school [towleroad]

Anne Hathaway's spawn is on its way [dlisted]

Some hipster dick bush [ohlala]

An epic fail complication [double viking]

OMG, gossip: Lance Bass has a solo project in the works, and it's not for an adult website
OMG, gossip: The "Best & Worst Dressed" of The Emmys
OMG gossip: Jon Hamm's special delivery
OMG, gossip: James Franco jumps on the Insta-selfie bandwagon
OMG, gossip: A Donna Martin Sex Tape

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, November 6, 2013
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Has anyone ever seen any nude pics of Eminem? I'd love to see what the homophobe may be packing... to see if he has anything to care about.

» posted by Meowzer | November 7, 2013 10:16 AM

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