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!! OMG gossip: Jon Hamm’s special delivery !!

Jon Hamm still doesn’t wear underwear [dlisted]
Captain Hook has never been a sex symbol… Until now. Thanks Colin O’Donoghue [socialite life]
OMG, who will be Wonder Woman? [celebitchy]
What happens when the male model’s Speedo is too small? [oh la la]
OMG, Lady Gaga is depressed [evil beet]
Tom Cruise‘s lawyers are tying tabloids to Hitler [popbytes]
OMG, gay marriage in Idaho? [towleroad]
Why were the cops so interested in this man’s butt? [kenneth]
Mormons helped the Senate pass ENDA [joe]
We never tire of “epic fail” compilations [double viking]




    Just a note, the “What happens when the male model’s Speedo is too small?” link seems to be leading to the gay marriage in Idaho story. Both important topics for sure. 😉

    Ack, sorry! It’s fixed now. Thanks for the heads up. xo Frank

    God Bless You Jon always make my day….

    Glad to be of help. *Gentlemanly bow*

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