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!! OMG, gossip: Scientology goes in for Selena Gomez !!

Will Selena Gomez transition to the Scientology dark side? [celebitchy]
Karen Black‘s amazing PETA ad [popbytes]
Ellen as Nicki Minaj for Halloween [boy culture]
That Banksy painting donated for the AIDS thrift shop charity ended up fetching $615K [joemygod]
48 Cats and Dogs in Halloween costumes [socialite life]
The streets are safer: Condom truck tips and spills load [kenneth]
Researchers document first sign of HIV remission in a child [queerty]
Yeezus‘ tour is cancelled indefinitely [evil beet]
Is GLEE sending gay Kurt to anti-gay Russia? [towleroad]
I love you, always forever: Happy Birthday Sophie B Hawkins! [dlisted]
Property dream in LA [ohlala]
5 laws from around the world that make no sense [double viking]

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