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!! OMG, rock the vote: VOTE for Casey Jane Ellison's 'WHAT THE F*SHION?' !!

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.06.31 PM.png

Literally, head over to World Of Wonder's WOWie Awards and vote for your girl, Miss Casey Jane Ellison for "Best Youtube Channel".

We've featured Casey's awesome VFILES series WHAT THE F*SHION? segments here on the site many a time, she's the shit, and we think that the planet needs more comedy like hers. If you have yet to see her segments, check out a couple after the jump! Rock the vote.

[image by CARLOS SERRAO for V Magazine]

OMG, it's your girl Case-case! Casey Jane Ellison tackles the issues of the Art world in new 'Touching the Art' interview series
OMG, LITERALLY: Casey Jane Ellison's VFILES 2013 Year In Review
OMG, mari et mari: Pierre et Gilles for V Magazine
OMG, it's your girl, Case-case: 'Touching The Art' Episode 6 is here with your host Casey Jane Ellison
OMG, stay classy Detroit: Will Ferrell stirs up sh*t with Eminem & Afrojack

» posted by Igor on Friday, November 8, 2013
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