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!! OMG, congratulations: Tom Daley comes out !!

Cutie Olympic diver Tom Daley is dating a man! He told us this morning on his YouTube channel rather than hold out for a tabloid exclusive. In celebration of his honesty, we have an underwater still of his naked butt for you after the jump.
BONUS: We posted Tom’s teammate Chris Mears’s butt earlier this year.
We wonder if there is a third cute British diver with a nice butt waiting in the wings for Rio 2016? In fact there is a third cute British diver on the team named Jack Laugher. See a pic of all three boiz after the jump.

Tom Daley, Chris Mears, and Jack Laugher:
And Tom’s butt:
(Images from Tumblr)

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    As you get older, you’ll notice that 99% of the guys that you knew who talked about being “bisexual” in their 20’s will transition to being gay. It is a stage of coming out that some guys need.

    Thanks Isaak. I dug a little deeper and have updated the post. We don’t want to defame Mr. Mears, though there’s always hoping!

    Tom D never said he was gay. He said he still liked girls, but found himself with a man. At most, he’s bisexual, as of now.

    Mears and Laugher aren’t gay, sorry. They’re happy to get their kit off for gay mags, but that’s not uncommon here in the UK.

    OMG, thanks Joey! It’s officially a gayfecta!

    Jack Laugher. Look him up.

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