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!! OMG, The 'AbFab' movie is actually happening says Jennifer Saunders !!


Grab the champagne and the plastic cups, darling! It looks as if AbFab may be headed to the big screen!

Jennifer Saunders posted an AbFab movie poster (dated 2015) to her official Facebook page over this week, and according to NewNowNext, a new AbFab feature film is on it's way:

"There isn't [a movie] but there will be," Jennifer told UK chat show This Morning'. "I'm close to picking up a pen, that' how close it is."

Saunders on-screen costar Joanna Lumley confirmed the AbFab movie, but says she has to pressure Saunders to get to writing the script. "I think with a little bit of, not too painful, pressure, a little bit of vice-like grip and a Chinese burn on the arm, up behind her back, I think it'll happen." Joanna Lumley told TV personality Jonathan Ross. "Jennifer tends to work to deadlines, so we've got to create a deadline and then get her there."

We're leaning towards a yes on this. It would be too much of a cruel joke if Saunders had released a poster with a 2015 date on it, and had no intention of following through on it, don't you think? Will you be checking out the AbFab film upon it's release?

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» posted by Igor on Tuesday, December 17, 2013
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