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!! OMG, he’s naked AGAIN: Emile Hirsch in ‘Twice Born’ !!

You may know Emile Hirsch from films such as Into the Wild, The Girl Next Door, Milk, or Speed Racer. He recently bared himself in all his furry glory whilst hopping into a bathtub in Twice Born (Venuto Al Mondo). Have a look after the jump! (And you check out Emile’s previous OMG, he’s naked post HERE)

Venuto al mondo[(042742)00-46-50].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042750)00-47-11].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042761)00-47-49].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042773)00-48-26].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042774)00-48-28].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042775)00-48-31].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042786)00-49-04].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042787)00-49-07].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042788)00-49-15].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042789)00-49-21].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042790)00-49-24].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042791)00-49-27].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042792)00-49-30].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(042793)00-49-33].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043133)00-51-32].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043138)00-51-46].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043140)00-51-51].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043141)00-51-54].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043155)00-52-33].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043157)00-52-38].JPG
Venuto al mondo[(043163)00-52-55].JPG
[via justadream.org]

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    He kind of looks like Jack Black. Not sexy at all.

    Love him too! Good actor and very nice to look at. I love those eyes and that fuzzy little body. I think he’s taking Ewan McGregor’s place as the go-to guy for full frontal nudity scenes.

    My GAWD I love this guy so much!!

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