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!! OMG, if you think you had it bad: Bette Davis Tells Her Children They’re Getting War Bonds For Christmas (1943) !!

I love the look on Bette Davis‘ kids’ faces when she tells them they’re getting war bonds under the tree. They really shit themselves. They are not pleased. I would not be either.
To be fair, Bette was actually being totally responsible and practical during World War II. Rather than heading to the mall and handing her kids the credit card — she was trying to cut back and help pitch in to “protect her country” and stuff, so we’ll give her that. (Even though she probably got paid bucket loads to shoot this.)

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    Thanks for the heads-up, Eko! Too much of a reggae Christmas over here.

    Seeing these old war bond shorts really puts things into perspective, or at least it should. The struggles that some people had due to rationing, and the sacrifices that so many made, should never be forgotten by those who live in easier times.

    Those were not her children Barbara or Michael. Her daughter Barbara wasn’t born until 1947. Michael was born later.

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