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!! OMG, listen to this: Daniel Avery’s Rinse FM Mix w/ Miss Kittin !!

You may remember Miss Kittin from back in your Electroclash days with her track “Frank Sinatra”. Back when you had an asymmetrical haircut that was jet black, you wore lots of trashy neon pink, madonna bracelets, and shirts with the sleeves cut off. Oh wait… F*ck. That was me. Nevermind.
Point is — Kittin has been having a bit of resurgence in the techno world lately with tracks like “Where Is Kittin?” with Marc Houle and “Calling From The Stars” with Kanye collaborator Gesaffelstein. Last night, she appeared on Daniel Avery‘s RINSE FM Show and the new electronic/techno heavy mix is available for download and stream below! A great start to your NYE.

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