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!! OMG, listen to this: In The Forest Of Veils — A Winter Solstice Mix by Becka Diamond !!

13:13 Magazine posted this great Winter Solstice mix by Becka Diamond featuring Chamelons, Dead Can Dance, Mazzy Star, Holy Other, Burial, and others. Perfect for a cold winter night by the fire! Tracklisting after the jump. Get into it!

In The Forest Of Veils: A Winter Solstice mix by Becka Diamond by 13:13 on Mixcloud

0 Lay Myself Down By Mazzy Star
1 Soul In Isolation By The Chameleons
2 “When We Two Parted” By Natural Assembly
3 Endless By Passions
4 Night Drive By KWC 92
5 Love You to Death By Type O Negative
6 Xavier By Dead Can Dance
7 Rival Dealer By Burial
8 Golden Dawn By Function featuring Stefanie Parnow
9 Pop IV By Gas
10 Yr Love By Holy Other
11 Theory Of Machines By Ben Frost
12 You Show Great Spirit By Prurient

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