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!! OMG, put the nipple on the record: DJane “Kinky Angel” Mirjami Is Our Favourite New DJ !!

Poland has always been known for upholding a standard of taste that the world can’t touch — and their nightlife is no exception! This month, Poland placed a magical sprig of white baby’s breath down behind a German DJ booth and sprayed it with a discount can of Evian Mist and suddenly, one of their country’s most alluring treasures appeared — just for ONE NIGHT! That treasure was DJane “Kinky Angel” Mirjami!
Now, not only does DJane Mirjami snap society’s restricting bra strap placed on her by DJing in front of a bunch of drunken dudes with her cha-chas out, but she also can mime tweaking a DJ mixer like nobody’s business — whilst suckling on her finger! Paris Hilton better step up her DJ game!
Check out DJane dropping a transposed, and very high energii house remix of R.E.M.‘s Losing My Religion after the NSFW jump, (just before the 3 minute mark)! I’m pretty sure this is what the band had in mind when they were writing the song back back in 1990 and a vision came to them.

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