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!! OMG, even James Franco is rolling his eyes: Shia LaBeouf wears paper bag on head to ‘Nymphomaniac’ Berlin premiere !!

Actor Shia LaBeouf tries to get all profound and artsy-fartsy at the Berlin premiere of Lars von Trier‘s ‘Nymphomaniac’. OH, and this also happened:


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    I have had the “luck” to date two very handsome and sexy latin “gentlemen.” They remind me of Juan Pablo. They make you feel special in order to get into your pants and then it comes out that they are just players. Not all latin men, of that I’m sure. But there is something in their culture that tells them that there beauty and sexuality comes first. Hey, I’m real glad I got laid; but, certainly not ever considered as a partner. Playboys. Little pussy playboys playing with girls emotions. I guess when you look like that you can get a way with a lot. The question is should you? I feel sorry for his daughter.

    I think he’s gone a bit nuts. lol

    What an asshole! His 15 minutes are now past being over!

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