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!! OMG, fair warning! We interrupt this broadcast with a special bulletin !!

a white homo.jpg
The Blood Of Jesus ATLAH World Missionary Church (Phew — that’s a mouthful!) is giving everyone out there the heads-up. Don’t say they didn’t warn y’all!




    Damned fools! Does religion remove ones ability to think logically?

    no, Mike.. lack of brain cells removes one`s ability to think logically.. a disorder some people in this church apparently suffer from.. they really are to be pitied.

    Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

    This is not a real christian, a real christian knows that god wants every one to accept each other for who they are, not who they sleep with, the preacher that put this up is a hippocrate, it is not his job to judge people that is gods job he should have his ass stomped for this one, judgemental bastard

    Homophobic racist idiot.

    This is so funny

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