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!! OMG, gossip! Michael Sam better WERK with his ‘Back To The Future’-referencing Tweets !!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.37.28 PM.png
Michael Sam isn’t just braun! He also gives good tweet! [towleroad]
Cumberbatch confirmed for next Star Wars movie? [celebitchy]
A bottle of whiskey and a Xanax: A looks inside the Oscars ‘Losers’ Giftbag! [popbytes]
Scandal‘s Scott Foley gets his nipples out [dlisted]
A new TV commercial featuring some familiar Drag Race faces [boy culture]
Calling John Waters! The hottest headline of the week! ‘President Obama unleashed gay demons on America’s black women’ YASSSS! Get HUH! [joemygod]
Liam Neeson flips Piven the bird on the set of the new Entourage movie [socialite life]
Chicness from the golden age of women’s tennis [kenneth]
A list you do not want to be on! Ugandan tabloid puts gay lives in danger by exposing ‘Top 200 Gays’ [queerty]
The Top 5 least intimidating villains of 90’s comedies [unrealitymag]
Models wear short-shorts for GQ Spain [ohlala]
Top 10 longest celebrity marriages! (not including Brit Brit‘s Vegas wedding) [celeb cafe]

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