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!! OMG, you’ll all be dammed: The trailer for ZOMBEAVERS – the film you didn’t know you were waiting for – is here !!

I know what you’re thinking, but you can’t blame Canada for this one. This is an American production — so you guys better just own it!
There must be some sort of glitch on the official Oscars website, because I don’t see ZOMBEAVERS listed anywhere under Best Picture, and yet technically it looks as if this could be a shoe-in under the March 2nd deadline. There must be some sort of mistake… Anyway, a little more about this filuhmn via The Independent:

A trio of American college girls set off on vacation to a riverside cabin for some fun, frolics and sexual exploration, only to be greeted by a swarm of undead beavers determined to gobble them up.
“What is that?” one unsuspecting teen asks at the start of the trailer. “Looks like a beaver dam,” her friend answers, before they swim off to take a peek, one of them topless.
Then they meet a ‘beaver hunter’ with a gun and don’t seem remotely alarmed. “We’re looking for beavers,” they tell him, before the first, inevitable innuendo: “Well, hell, ain’t we all.”

Perfect! Sounds great! Will you be flocking to see ZOMBEAVERS if it gets bought up at the Berlin International Film Festival this week? The film is currently shopping options.

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