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!! OMG, gossip: Ryan Murphy’s HBO HIV/AIDS film ‘The Normal Heart’ gets a trailer !!

Trailer for The Normal Heart, an HIV/AIDS activism film starring Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer, and Mark Ruffalo [joemygod]
Bringing that lip bite to the table: KStew in talks for lucrative NIke contract [celebitchy]
Thank F*CK! Now I can finally sleep at night: Jessica Simpson reaches her goal weight [popbytes]
Gay man’s grandfather, 90, comes out to him 5 months before he dies [towleroad]
La Lohan and Fallon have a water war [dlisted]
“You know Kylie, don’t you, m8? Yeah ya do!” Minogue covers GQ [ohlala]
Harry Potter‘s Neville LongBottom grows up into a Bossy LoudBottom for BBC’s Bluestone 42 [queerty]
The Walking DeadMichhoneBarbie has arrived! [unrealitymag]
Justin Bieber gives me the EWWs [boy culture]
Jared Leto photobombs Anne Hathaway [socialite life]
Who’s covering America’s gay rags this week? [kenneth]
Because I know you woke up in a cold sweat last night: The Top 10 Ashanti songs [celeb cafe]

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