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!! OMG, a drink only Paula Deen could love: Vancouver restaurant creates the ULTIMATE Caesar cocktail !!

Vancouver restaurant Score On Davie has hired a team of gluttons to create the perfect Caesar cocktail for when I show up at 4pm, crusty, hangry and searching for that hair of the dog.

“Checkmate Caesar,” it’s garnished with a full roast chicken, Score burger, slider, chicken wings, pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog, roasted vegetables (in case you’re worried about your figure) and a brownie for dessert.

Can you get it with no mayo? It’ll only cost you 60 bones, which isn’t bad considering what it includes. Market value really, but I can’t help but think I’ll leave their establishment doing this:
[via vancity buzz]

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    Now that’s some kind of Artistic work . just like the one which is shown on A different type of Art page on facebook.

    The place is a shit hole dive on a shit hole ghetto street.
    Don’t bother, they’ll do anything for some business.

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