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!! OMG, BREAKING: Kesha is out of rehab and has dropped the $ from her name !!

…and I feel like cotton candy for lunch [dlisted]
“I don’t think men are the enemy, I think women are the enemy” Lily Allen [celebitchy]
Kellan Lutz looks like a giant German boy who loves chocolate on the cover of GQ Germany [oh la la]
DAYUMN! Nick Jonas is looking QUICHE these days! [socialite life]
“I’m gonna count to five, then someone’s gonna get a ‘time out’!” Is Bieber back on dat sizzurp? [popbytes]
Jesse Metcalfe loses his shirt for new DALLAS poster [kenneth]
The Triplets Of Belleville artist does The Simpsons [unrealitymag]
Dutch politicians cruise Grindr to get votes [queerty]
MICHIGAN: Marriage lawsuit “expert witness” says gays are going to Hell [joemygod]
Probably best to ask before giving your favourite football player a man-kiss [towleroad]
It’s Friday! Which means this is my look for later… [boy culture]
In case you were hoping to fart out some rainbows today: Top 10 covers of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” [celeb cafe]

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